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Gray and Sons Builders have the experience and skills to successfully work with Architects and developers on a range of new build projects and we have demonstrated our ability to create positive working relationships, often taking on the FM role following completion of the construction phase.

We are highly experienced, specialist new build builders in Herts, Beds and Bucks, with over 45 years experience of building high quality new build homes, we understand that the homes we build can shape your life and can be a massive part of your future. New build homes are often bought for both financial and personal investment. It’s therefore, very important that the new build homes we build are luxurious, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. If you are a property developer looking for new build builders or you have a private new build project and need efficient, reliable and exceptionally skilled new build builders then Gray and Sons Builders can provide you with a fully comprehensive construction service for new build projects.

We can take care of the entire project and deliver it both on time and on budget. We can also recommend an architect to design your new build home or, if you have one appointed, our builders will work closely alongside them throughout the building project ensuring that your new build home achieves results way beyond your expectations.. Where time and money is often wasted, we ensure our projects are properly organised and everything gets done on time and within the budget set. With our skill, hard work and experience we continue to deliver high quality new build projects to satisfied customers throughout Herts, Beds and Bucks.